What is Self-Talk?

Self-Talk is what I say when I talk to myself.

    • Self-talk should always be positive and personal.
    • Self-talk should be spoken in present tense.
    • Self-talk secrets are affirmations.
    • Any thing I say out loud to others about myself is part of my self-talk.
    • In order for me to be successful I am open to the affirmations in this document.
    • Self-talk secrets statements answer the question “why are some people more successful than others in any given field?

  • Self-talk secrets statements contain positive and healthy programs for success.
  • The only way to change my existing mental programs is to replace them with new self-talk programs.
  • Self-talk secrets affirmation programs will create new attitudes, new actions and successful programs.
  • The best way to achieve the desired results is to read self-talk secrets daily.